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Three years ago we suffered a water accident with the mobile and since then we have not stopped to make it possible that when it happens you can be totally calm.


The story of Waterrevive begins when Álvaro Martín, during the end of study trip in August 2012 he gets his mobile phone wet with the sink. Your terminal stops working. At the end of the holidays go to the technical service in the hope of finding a solution.

Discover that mobile device manufacturers offer no warranty or solution on terminals that have been wet. Before this it decides to investigate thoroughly the problem that causes that the wet terminals stop working.

Thanks to this research process begins to develop a formula to try to save your terminal that ends up being successful. That's when I tried to upload an ad to the eBay.com website to try to sell its solution, "I found that dozens of ads were uploading daily on mobile phones that had gotten wet, they all had a US location so the ad would publish in English".

He began receiving US and Canadian purchase requests, "I did not have a brand image or product design, I packed it in cans and stuffed it into bubble envelopes and then sent them through the Post Office with the addresses written by hand" . The number of sales was increasing and this caused him a problem that ended up causing the closing of his eBay account, "Customers bought it because they wanted to have their mobile fixed as soon as possible, the shipment took almost 15 days and they complained about the excess Time on delivery, the website forced me to reimburse the customer money and end up losing money. "

The project was resumed thanks to the initiative of his colleague Javier Benito. He proposed a series of improvements to start again with the project. Improvements were made to the product to simplify the way of using the formula and make it more attractive, it created a brand image and re-marketed it on different web platforms shortening delivery times. "We got together in class and we used to continue developing the project, we attended the sales that went online and we answered the emails of the clients. One day our teacher Carlos Pozo saw us trasteando with the project and take the opportunity to tell us about incubators and project accelerators. "

In 2014 Waterrevive is selected as a project by Fundación Telefónica in the ThinkBig program. From this moment the efforts in Waterrevive are intensified to begin to grow. Waterrevive S.L. is created in 2015, the solution is patented, start-up marks are registered, all legal permits are requested for the manufacture and marketing of this type of products and the product launches.

It is in June of 2015 when the launch of the product is made with a press release that reaches worldwide success in the media.

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About Waterrevive



Waterrevive is a techno-chemical start-up based in Spain that has developed and patented the solution “Waterrevive Blue”. This patent converted in a product lets any customer without technical knowledge to revive any water damaged phone in just 7 minutes.

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